– ladrões! Não fazem o trabalho e ainda ficam com o dinheiro todo do cliente! /

Do not use this company.They will take your money, not get the job done and never give it back to you. Stay away.

Não recomendo. Levam o seu dinheiro, não fazem o trabalho. O cliente sem o dinheiro pago como depósito, sem o trabalho feito e com tempo perdido. Ladrões. Nem uma única palavra que tenho para lhes dar.

Once they received 50% deposit, they took almost 1 month to do less than 5% of the work, everything was beyond clearly rushed and it looked like they just didnt care or had way too much work and no time for the job they were paid to do. I missed deadlines and business because of this company. Not only are they slow, slack, they also really suck at communicating, you will have to chase them, not know whats going on, not get work done properly, until you realize you are wasting your time, like i eventually realized. At this stage i asked for my money back and even offered to pay them for the few hours they attempted to work. They had already spent the money, refused to pay me back. I walked away with NO work done, and all my money gone and time wasted. Never again, and i do not recommend this company, they are not professional as they initially appear to be, and dont give a shit about their clients. After i changed design companies, i could see a 360 degree change – which proves that it wasnt my imagination, this company really does suck and takes a piss.

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